Pt 2 Pigs, Art & Love equals Mary Clea-​ver, radio waves & those Crazy Cana-di​ans.​
Heather Carlucci

As I was saying, a lot has been going on these days. This weekend I'll be out in the Hamptons for the James Beard Chefs and Champagne event. Could be fun. Could be nuts. Last time we did it, it was 105 degrees at
night. That fell into the nuts column.

Anyway, as I was saying, this is the second part to the other post.  First off, I did the fundraiser for the NYC Greenmarkets, Tastes of the Green market. In the world of farm-to-table, this is the Oscar of events.  Green is gold here. Funny, but we always see the same people at all these farmy events.  I'm usually next to Mary Cleaver (makes me happy) and there's always a bunch of bell jars with booze in it.  A hay bail, a few chefs in overalls.


Here is the one photo I got from that event:

Next up, I was on the Martha Stewart radio show "What's Cooking?".  Martha wasn't there, I don't think I would have been that chill and charming if she was.  She's a lotta.  My friends Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg were hosting for the week and invited me to come and talk about Pig Mountain, indian food and farms. If you don't know much about Karen and Andrew, google them.  Not only are they unbelievably accomplished and reveared in the food and publishing world, they are the nicest most fun people ever. EVER.
Do not challenge me on this. You will not win. They can hold their own in the arena of fun and never break a sweat.

I needed to get a photo like this of them with the mics because I am a total radio junkie.  They had to drag me out of there afterwards. Almost infringed on Terrance Brennan's air time. Not something a sane person would do.

Moving right along, I had a crew of happy, well-adjusted Canadians over to the house upstate.  Warning: they don't seem like they would but they take over.
My house looked like this:

and like this:

What good upstanding people put your microwave under your diningroom table?
This was my sunporch:

and this fancy van full of stuff in the driveway

I should have taken the Ottowa plates as a souvenir.

They were filming the show Deconstructing Dinner and we had a ball. They could put my microwave under my table anyday. It's an episode on honey and  Go figure.

Check out their other work:
They do great work that reminds me a bit of Delicious America.

And lastly, I was honored to be at a friend's house for dinner last week.
She served a great cocktail she created.
It's called 23 Knots because that was the speed of the wind the day she came up with it.  If any of you know Adrienne Anderson, you won't be surprised.
and here you go, she shared it with us: 


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