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About Us

Heather Carlucci

I ended up in culinary school as a back-up plan to gettng out of art school, which with it's easy access to many different ways to party, I realized would probably kill me. The culinary world with it's crazy hours and insane physical demands left me no time to get into trouble and with a trip to Europe, I was in love.

In love with European technique, In love with American technique, in love with any technique that made me a better cook. I  went head long into an ambitious career as a pastry chef.  Great reviews, some not so great as you must and found a home among the other people who randomly found a place to stay in the then fringe world of food.

When the food world was no longer considered remotely outer fringe and I was spent on pastry, I opened Lassi, an Indian take-out place in the West Village. Economic crisis and a lowly landlord and I closed Lassi when the lease was up. I miss it everyday. The food, the staff and the customers.  Each were the best I'd experienced as a working person in food. The offer of opening Print, helping create a traceable and sustainable vision, working with farmers with the compromise that I was back in pastry and I was back in the work force.

Creating what was visioned for Print has taken me headlong into the word of farmers, their causes and what we need to do to keep our foodsystem from becoming more compromised than it already has.

The idea for Delicious America came from wanting to bring the stories of our farmers to anyone who will listen and to show what we do to make the show.

Like our foodsystem, each person like Sherwin, Chris and whoever our camera guy is, makes all the difference when bringing the story to the plate.

Other than that, I listen to vinyl and hang out with my daughter.