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Dairy Farmers Need Your Support



 From Robin Fitch: 
As most of you are aware of I have been working with a group of people trying very hard to get our farmers a fair price for their milk.  Kaitlyn and I have just returned from Washington D.C. along with other members from Progressive Agriculture.  We are in need of help from our consumers and farmers to tell our  congressman to sponsor the FEDERAL MILK MARKETING IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2011. We have congressmen who are willing to co-sponsor it but we need a lead sponsor. 
We are asking for all consumers (So tell EVERYONE you know) to please call the following two New York congressmen at the numbers below and ask them to sponsor the above mentioned proposal.
Richard Hanna's office: Ask for Adam Hepburn 202-225-3665
Maurice Hinchey's office: Ask for Mike Igler 202-225-6335 
Please let them know that this proposal will not only give our farmers what they deserve which is cost of production, but it will mean a safe food supply for the consumers, and it will cost the taxpayers nothing
We then ask that you call our two senators in NY state and ask them to co-sponsor bill number S1640 THE FEDERAL MILK MARKETING IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2011.  This bill has already been sponsored but we now need them to co-sponsor this for the same reasons as above. 
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's office: Ask for Jacqueline Eufrausino 202-224-4431
Senator Charles Schumer's office:  Ask for Anne Fiala 202-224-6542
We greatly appreciate you taking the time to do this.  Together we can hopefully make our leaders in Washington realize how important this issue is for all Americans.  Please tell everyone you know to make these same calls, and keep this going, please lets flood these offices with calls.  If you are not in New York State please call the main switchboard in D.C. 202-224-3121 for both the senators and  the congressmen in your district.  Please ask for the agricultural aides and stress that we need this bill passed and to co-sponsor it now. 
Thank you,
Robin Fitch