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Dairy Farmers Need Your Support


We're still here. I swear it. There's just so much going on.

I'll be posting again. 


It's a busy time in the food world and blogging doesn't always present itself well in a busy schedule.

But Sherwin and I have decided to move the blog address to our website and start building it.  For those of you who are following Delicious America, you'll be glad to know that Sherwin has started a slow walk back to America and we're moving ahead.

Perhaps with a few guests...friends doing like-minded work who will post, comment and get a bigger conversation started.

Not to drag his ass into this, but to drag his ass into this, Sherwin's been in Singapore and now somewhere in England at his uncle's farm in a town with "shire" at the end of it.  And he's been birthing babies.  Real farms stuff. Pig Mountain is in full swing already. More pigs, more chefs, a bartender and if all goes well, sponsors.

This year the money will be going to the National Young Farmers Coalition

The founder, Lyndsay Shute spoke at this year's TEDxManhattan: Changing The Way We Eat.  She was so passionate about the unsupportive system our government has become especially with the rich farm history our country has, I would have given her the money in my wallet.   But Pig Mountain seemed a far better way to support.

On that note, PM will also be seeing a new look.   Friends at Mother New York are rebranding and taking care of details I really could never wrap my brain around.  Take a look at this handsome devil:

TEDx was amazing this year.  My good friend Simran Sethi, who I drag out into this blog when I just want to impress, spoke about seeds (as sex. Hello.), and tons to think about in the way of hunger, race and what we're doing to avoid the topic.  Yup.

 I'll be doing a bigger post on the TEDxManhattan when the videos are made public.

I went on Fox News to talk about fracking and got yelled at....even after the cameras stopped rolling. But they did do my hair and make-up for free and I looked like I just arrived from 1980's Houston so that was exciting all around.

I then got a chance to talk about fracking (or preferably not fracking) on NY1 with the amazing Sandra Steingraber on the Road To City Hall. It was a nice balance after Fox to talk intelligently about food, our environment and policy.

For my fashionista readers, I had to do my own hair and make-up for NY1.  Got far less compliments....but much less hate mail.

Out of the mouths of babes, my dear friends kid has started a blog called The Natural Course. Dana Wilentz is a twenty something singer/songwriter that has found herself on the path of better meat, humane living and living in LA.

Yes, I'm dropping this here because her mom and I go so far back it make my head spin but also because it's new, it's literally two posts in, it's smart

and it would be interesting to see how it unfolds. 

Thanks for sticking around.  This is just the teaser.

More food, mayhem and love to come

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